Written by Bishops Edwin
What the anti-Biafra agitators do not know.. by Bishop Edwin
A woman was consoling a friend whose husband just died and she said, “Dorathy dear, take heart.. I know how you feel”..
Her friend snapped, “No dear, you don’t know how it feels, your husband is still alive”..
When you try to convince an efulefu on the need to use his thoughts and brains and he barks so hard in his ignorance.. Stop resulting to abuse and insults.. Lemme confess,  I was once like them!.. In fact, aka m ha njó that time!
It was until I realised that the dreams of Biafra Land and the visions of our fathers, that is rekindled any time the agitations come is in the meaning of the half sun on the flag!.. Biafra is a provincial nation and not partitioned in states like Nigeria.
A PROVINCE is a territory, district or region governed as a unit of a country or empire, therefore a province is uniquely AUTONOMOUS!
A state is a territory considered as an organized political community UNDER one government.
Its impossible to ask for a provincial or regional system of restructure in a state/federal system of government. It is strictly going against its definition..
This is what most Igbos and their neighbouring tribes have not defined. It is easy to say Nri begat Igbo, Igbo begat Ibibio and Idoma, Idoma begat illah, Illah begat Asaba and Urhobo, Oron begat whoever, including China and Ethiopia.. We are all one stock and stalk.. but we must not forget that the century we are in is the 21st light speed century!
We must bring a table, pull our chairs together to decide the workability except we either have seen a good level of imbecility that will deter our growth and therefore forever inclined to dependence on the north or we are sure that, sure our mumu overflows that we just can’t manage ourselves!. In the much prayed for provincial nation, there will be no rooms for drunk northern political jobbers as we always witnessed in Nigeria, squirting the effrontery to tell the world that the oil in Bayelsa and Rivers belongs to Jigawa rather than the kins and kits of Bayelsa or Rivers..
No rooms for a Trunk A, B, C roads as all infrastructural developments are subjects of autonomy! No quota systems and catchment areas and a decentralized exclusive list.
Provinces is simply synonymous to COMPETITION and MERIT aimed at deleting the hostage taking and drawbacks of the state-federal systems!..
You simply grow on your own. This is exactly where Nigeria ran away from, when the premiers were allowed autonomy! Who can argue the unprecedented growth Michael Okpara and Obafemi Awolowo gave their regions in the shortest possible seconds and minutes! Even as little as Aminu Kano did outweighs the today’s noise of the entire 19 northern governors!
To a sane person person, the provincial system will arrest and jail the fears of minority groups and tribes and this can only be achieved with utmost decorum, civility, brotherliness, discussions, explanations etc with a common view of not just to forge ahead together but to build ahead.. Total autonomy, final answer!!
We don’t heal wounds by creating wounds..
One thing is certain.. The perceived bigger tribe here, being the Igbos are totally republican, autonomous and provincial in nature and attitude.. To live with Igbos is to be on your toes in the calls for medals of merit and not to think that a PDP vs APC Apian way will ever still exist..

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