The Igbo Are Unique In United Community Help Culture

The Igbo Are Unique In United Community Help Culture

By Ike A. Offor

Whoever that told you that the Igbo are not united confuses their spirit of Republicanism for disunity. This is why Igbo meetings and gatherings are always filled with heated debates. But once the deliberations are over, the family unity stays intact.

In Republican culture, no one has ultimate right unlike in royalty, everyone has a say. This is why the Igbo must express his or herself anywhere irrespective of the threat. They are born into it and grew under such culture. You can try but you can never shut an Igbo person up.

The Mbaise man, who was reported here few days back has gone from being on the street while sick to now being rehabilitated just within days. This is because of the undying century-old culture of the Igbo people of “never leave their own behind”.

The Mbaise Family Union in the city where he lives via their Igbo Union have rallied round to give him a good medical attention and they will now get him a place to live.

They have now planned to get him all his medications, let him see optician, due his diabetes which could have affected his eyesight.

Though, he wants to go home, they have explained to him why it is unwise to go back to Nigeria with his present condition.

The Mbaise Family Union is the one working at this juncture, just imagine when the larger Igbo Union is involved.

Now, it will interest the reader to see that no other tribe in Nigeria does this sort of thing to any of their own. This is simply because no other tribe in Nigeria holds or organises such interconnected Union meetings like the Igbo outside their homeland.

Once an Igbo person leaves his or her homeland, to anywhere both in Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria, he finds immediately an Igbo community Union in whichever city, or country where he or she resides and becomes a member. This has so many advantages, just like the one you are reading about.

This is why it is hard to bury an Igbo person outside his family home. These unions always make sure that their family or union members’ body returns home for a befitting burial.

They also help each other in times of difficulties but do not confuse their Republicanism for disunity.

That is the unique unity of the Igbo.

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