Abaribe had moved a motion reacting to a comment made by Buhari in UK on
While receiving Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, Buhari blamed the
farmers, herders clashes on militias trained by Muammar Gaddafi, former
prime minister of Libya.
But speaking on the floor on the chamber, Abaribe wondered why the
president was still the commander-in-chief when he could not protect the
country from invasion.
“Two explanations were given by highly ranked security personnel on the
matter of herdsmen versus farmers clashes,” he said.
“First of all, the IGP said that these killings were as a result of laws
being past by states. Secondly, the defence minister said that these
killings were as a result of the blockage of routes through which these
herders are to move their cattle.
“And we continued to look at all these explanations. Yesterday in London,
the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Nigeria and the president of
Nigeria said the killings are as a result of the people who were trained
by the late Muammar Gaddafi and so implying that these people doing these
killings in Nigeria are from outside Nigeria and even if he says they are
invaders from outside Nigeria, what it means is that now it validates my
last point on this floor.
“When a commander-in-chief cannot take care of invaders, invading Nigeria
why is he still a commander-in-chief, why do we continue to indulge? Why
do we continue to indulge this president that everywhere goes along to
tell everyone outside this country that he is totally incompetent. Because
it is obvious.”

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