ONURU UBE NWANNE: IPOB Donates Hundred Thousand Naira To Newly Born Twins

In the Spirit of Oneness and inimitable Practice of Love, IPOB led by Citizen Nnamdi Kanu accords financial support to newly Born Twins, of a release Biafran activist, who was detained at Nnewi Prisons.
IPOB presented the sum of Hundred Thousand Naira to the Biafra activist Mazi Elechi, who was illicitly detained at Nnewi Prisons and regained his freedom through the efforts of IPOB Legal Team.
The visit and support from IPOB, sparked up a joyous moment, in the Family of Mr and Mrs Chinemerem Elechi, as the Medical Bills of Baby AMARACHI and NKEM, was cleared.
His kinsmen warmly welcomed IPOB representatives who according to them proved the restoration of Biafra, will bring Hope to the Common Man.
Mazi and Nwada Chinemerem Elechi appreciated the Legal Team for their unrelenting efforts, towards his release from Nnewi Prisons. They further appreciated the Leadership of IPOB, for not only freeing him from detention, but extending the mind blowing Love towards his Children.
The Family reaffirmed their support for Biafra restoration and vowed never to surrender or accede in quest for Biafra restoration.
Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting For Family Writers

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