Only Lazy People Complain Of Hunger Under Buhari – Customs Boss

Customs boss Hameed Ali has alleged that those complaining of hunger in the country are lazy as President Muhammadu Buhari’s government has done excellently well.
Ali noted this on Tuesday when he led members of the Buhari Support Group (BSG) to declare their support for the 2019 presidential ambition of President Buhari at the State House, Abuja.
According to him, “What more can we say in terms of growth of wealth. People say we are hungry, of course the lazy must be hungry because if you do not work hard, manna will not fall from heaven.
“So when people say we are hungry, there was never a time in Nigeria that food is dropped in the mouth of the people and there can never be.”
He added that he can enumerate what Buhari has done in just three years in office, but that three years is not enough to undo what was destroyed in 16 years.
“The destruction, the monumental stealing that we have witnessed, the destruction of our structures and our system, it takes more than eight years to be able to address them and I believe in three years you have done wonderfully well,” said Ali while addressing President Buhari..
“I have said it and I will repeat it here Mr. President with all due respect, at 70 plus, with a good retirement benefits and with your house in Daura, if I were you I will see no reason to be in this arena.
“But why are you here? It is because you love this great country. You left your comfort to serve Nigeria and that is why for those of us who love you for who you are said we must follow you and ensure that your second term in this country becomes a reality.
“We want to say on behalf of Nigerians that we are solidly behind you in this second term bid. People may ask why are you so passionate about change? Why were you so committed in 2014 and why are you so committed in 2018? This is because you are a man of integrity, of honesty and above all Mr. President you love this great nation,” said Ali as he extols Buhari in the presence of members of his campaign organisation.

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