Ohanaeze Faults Unequal Cut-Off Marks For Unity Schools

The pan-Igbo group Ohanaeze Ndigbo has described the unequal cut-off mark for unity schools in the country as unacceptable and an “in-built terror against some people.”

This was made in a statement on Monday by the group where they noted that the development is discriminatory.

According to the Ohanaeze, such move is akin to robbing Peter to pay Paul, alleging that the country cannot continue as one if such things are not eradicated.

“For instance, whereas Abia State has 65 points for male and female, some states in the North have as low as 7 points for female and 10 points for male,” the Igbo group added.

“This cannot continue. And funny enough, when products of this unjust system graduate, the same so-called educationally disadvantaged specie will get jobs and preferential treatment before his ‘advantage” colleague.

“This is robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is the highest degree of in-built terror against some people in Nigeria and it must stop. It has got to stop. This favoritism must stop if we want to continue as one nation.”

In addition, the group called for investigation into the ownership of oil blocs in the country, urging the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to publish the names of the owners of oil bloc.

“We also call for investigation into the ownership of oil blocs in Nigeria to ensure it meets geographical spread,” the Ohanaeze stated.

“The DPR and NNPC should publish the ownership structure of oil blocs in Nigeria.”

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