It is so sad that in Nigeria, you vote for government but still provide everything for yourself — Udoma

Favour Udoma has voiced her concern over the exploitation of the citizens by the Nigerian government.
She said, “Nigeria  is the only country in the world where the government does not owe her citizen anything. Your success or failure in life depends on you and your God.
“You provide yourself shelter, electricity, water, security, job, internet, education, healthcare, and even road. Yet you still pay tax to the government.
“Just to make life easier, some citizens and communities have at one point in time contributed money to buy transformers, grade roads, construct drainages, construct roads, pay for security, employ vigilante group etc, after paying direct and indirect tax to the government.
“What have you benefited from Nigeria as a citizen, apart from being called a Nigerian?”
Well, that’s an open question. Feel free to leave your thoughts behind.

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