I will eradicate hunger in Ekiti when I become governor, says Ojudu

A Special Adviser on Political Matters to President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, who recently declared his intention to run for the governorship of Ekiti State, said that he would eradicate hunger in the state when he becomes governor.
The ex-lawmaker, while speaking with Daily Sun, said that he is going to make sure food is available to the people of Ekiti State at cheap rates to buy and eat and whatever is left will be taken to Lagos for people to buy.
His words, “There is hunger here. If you go round and see the faces of our people, you will see that they are malnourished. We should not be malnourished in Ekiti State because the land is fertile here. There is nothing that cannot grow in Ekiti State, so, we must motivate people to farm.
“If we didn’t have Ibira here, Igede from Benue, there will be no food at all in this state. Our people are not farming; our young people are roaming the streets doing nothing.
“The infrastructure is dilapidated and the schools are in terrible shape. I want to solve this problem. Within one month of my becoming governor, we are going to mobilise people heavily to farm with modern agriculture technology.
“We are going to make sure food is available to them at cheap rates to buy and eat and whatever is left will be taken to Lagos for people to buy. Whatever we cannot sell in Lagos, we will export. Lagos has a food market of N6b per day and we want to take about 25 percent of that.
“In the 60s, about 45 percent of the cocoa that formed the resources with which Chief Obafemi Awolowo built Ibadan and provided the resources for free education came from this part that we know as Ekiti today.
“But unlike Awolowo, we are not going to ship the cocoa raw to foreign lands; we are going to bring in private investors that will bring in processing plants here. We are going to do our own chocolate as they are now doing in Ghana.
“About 100 percent of the yams consumed all over the world are produced by Ghanaians. We grow a lot of yams here but what we don’t have is the motivation to take these yams outside.
“We are also well positioned as a state between the north and south and we plan that all of those emaciated cows going from here to Lagos can be sold to private investors who will buy them up before they get to Lagos. We will put them in ranches here and fatten them. From 100kg, they will become 300kg and we will sell them for good price in Lagos.
“We already have our manifesto which we call FINE Agenda. I am also collaborating with Ekiti people in Diaspora and we have the human resources, unfortunately they are not at home. We want to bring them home to come and develop this place so that Ekiti would become a reference point for those who want to understudy.

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