Buhari Doesn’t Take Responsibility – Omokri

Social commentator Reno Omokri has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of always refusing to take responsibility for his failures.
In a post on his Twitter handle, the US based pastor stated that the president always looks for new target to blame.

He wrote: “After blaming Gadaffi, anti grazing law and destruction of grazing routes for herdsmen killings in Benue, @NGRPresident today found a new target to blame.

“They blamed ‘abnormal and unnatural herdsmen’ for the Benue killings. When will Buhari stop blaming and take responsibility?”

Speaking on insecurity, the former presidential spokesperson claimed that killing in the country is now rampant.

“In Nigeria, insecurity is so rampant that if you sleep and wake up alive without Boko Haram killing you, without herdsmen slaughtering you, without bandits shooting you and without govt destroying your business, then you must testify in church/mosque for the miracle in your life,” he wrote.

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