Gone are the days when Native Doctors decorate themselves with white chalks and red rags; They no longer share residence with wild animals in a thick forest. They all now seem to have embraced civilisation and have tried earnestly to have their profession adapt to the metamorphosis of societal norms and evolution. They now wear the latest designer suits and shoes. They no longer do incantations, but speak in tongues. They longer toss ‘nzu'(white chalk), but it doesn’t stop them from calling your phone number, telling you who is bewitching your generation, or even prophesying to you how you will drive a private jet whilst you have been wearing one ‘OK’ shoe for almost ten years. They no longer carry ‘Ófò'(staff of the gods), they now parade with the Holy Book, church diary and latest I-Pad. They no longer demand for bush meat and domestic fowls, rather they now have customised POS and tithe register.
The world is coming to a close, but Nigeria seems to be closing faster than the rest of the world. Nothing is impossible in this part of the world where violence is nurtured and revered, while peace is suffocated and repelled.
While United States Of America, United Nations And the rest of the international community are donating billions of dollars to extinguish Boko Haram, the insurgents are ironically being celebrated somewhere in northern Nigeria for staging a notorious kidnapping scene. It is now very clear that not only the ‘Dibias’ have left the forest, Boko Haram insurgents have now vacated the great Sambisa. They have now invaded the Government House, where they smile home with their billions of dollars allowance every four years. They only have to kidnap hundreds of girls, return them in grand style, and their contract with the political class is done and dusted. How else can you describe state sponsored terrorism?
Nobody who saw how Evans was shredded, rendered nude, and completely destroyed by this incumbent Nigeria government and their media henchmen would ever imagine that this same government would pat one of the most dreaded terrorist group in the world on the back for staging a perennial Kidnapping episode.
Of all the sophisticated intelligence of Evans, it didn’t occur to him that in order to protect and preserve his business enterprise, he only needed to enrol into Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen.

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