A Pro Igbo Group sends tribute to the greatest living Igbo soul- Mazi Nnamdi KANU.

The group said,In the book of Acts, scripture made mention of What Jesus began to DO and TEACH. All the Bible versions were instructive in the sequence of doing before teaching.
We have realized over time that teaching is a tough task but teaching what one practices is the greatest test of a noble soul the group said.
When you take an unbiased look at Kanu’s trajectory and meteoric rise, one can only be filled with awe of his person. How he was able to pool resources and people together and at the same time manage the many backlashes and criticism from the very people he sought to set free…
The group said they have taken their time to appreciate his sojourn from the night he was arrested at golden tulip hotels and the photo-shopped picture of him and a woman on bed… Haaaa… People began to mock him. But our spirit knew this man was on a divine mission.. All through his detention to the time he was bailed, we saw a the fourth man in the furnace at work in him.
But, like every great man, Kanu has had a great share of criticism for being true to his believe that all men are created equally by providence and indigenous people have inalienable rights to determine their associations and the boundaries of their habitation.
For many of Kanu’s critics within the Igbo stalk, they faulted his modus operandi. They fault what they call crudeness in his speech pattern, while some of his critics opted for restructuring, Many people had many things to say based on their perception of his person.
Just like the methods of Jesus didn’t go down well with the elites of his time, because in their mind, he was turning the people away from them, they envied him, they lied against him, they leveled one of the greatest propaganda and character assassination against the person of Jesus… So also was KANU maligned for turning people to desire a better life.
They say talk is cheap, Since Mazi Kanu’s disappearance, all those who faulted his methods have not re-engineered the diplomacy they all lamented that kanu was lacking, they suddenly realized that KANU was not a fraudster like they were painting him to be… They have suddenly realized that intelligence and chutzpah was used to build movement…. They have suddenly realized that their scrotum has no testicle in it unlike Kanu who has two full blown testicles and whose actions over time has shown not only that he has a deep rooted courage of his convictions but also he means well for all our people.
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