If Nnamdi Kanu’s Parents were Emir & his wife, will Police threaten to scatter their Burial? – Fani Kayode

Following the threat from Abia Police CP to scatter Nnamdi Kanu Parent’s Burial if IPOB attends it.

Fani kayode Reacts:

I make a solemn &humble appeal to Buhari & the FG. Do NOT shed the blood of ANY mourner during the burial ceremony of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s parents. The funeral rites must NOT be desecrated by the spilling of innocent blood. They deserve to be buried in peace &with honor & dignity.

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If an Emir & his wife died & were to be buried would the security forces threaten to kill those that intend to attend their funeral and scatter the whole place simply because their son is wanted by the FG? Is it because HRH Eze Kanu & his wife are Igbo? Pl stop this nonsense!

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