Yorubas are career troublemakers — Babachir taunts

Former Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), David Babachir Lawal, has described the Yoruba ethnic group in the country as “career troublemakers” following the Southwest’s establishment of its own security outfit known as ‘Operation Amotekun’.

Lawal made the statement while fielding questions during an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun.

When asked on the similarities between Hisbah and Amotekun, Lawal said, “Hisbah, in my understanding is a group set up by states to enforce religious laws. Hisbah applies in Kano State. I am a Christian. I am not subject to Sharia Court.

“It does not affect me, which has been made very clear. And essentially, because of the stakeholders management planning stage where everybody would be involved.

“When you use those kinds of terminologies, it means it is exclusive to the Yoruba. They are career troublemakers in Nigeria. They do not like to live with any other person. They cannot share with any other person.

“So, when they get into such narrative they give it a connotation that is not what the founders intended. And these are the ones dominating the narratives and discussions of such group.

“And consequently, other people are reacting to ways that are funny which will affect the social cohesion of the country.”

In an earlier response to the question of Obasanjo’s performance compared to president Muhammadu Buhari, Lawal said, “If you talk about Obasanjo did this and that, you need to know that government is a continuum.

“If Buhari’s government had decided to discontinue with projects initiated by past governments and start afresh, Nigerians will be a grav*yard of abandoned projects.

“Therefore, in very descending and intelligent community they will know like the Bible says that some plant, some water and everybody shares the result.

“Take the issue of railway, for example, that Goodluck Jonathan started. Supposing this government did not complete it, what would have happened?

“It would have become a graveyard. So, you must evaluate the performance of government not purely on the basis of initiation, but also on the basis of completion of projects.

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Biafra Bu Agbara

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