Buhari under fire for trying to influence election with N10bn

Kogi Elders Assembly (KOESSA), Concerned Kogi Citizens (CKC), Forum of Former Kogi Political Officer Holders (FOKOPO) and Kogi Advancement Project (KAPRO), has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of promoting corruption in Kogi state.

They said that paying N10.069 billion to the Kogi state government close to the governorship election is an attempt to commit electoral fraud in the state.

President Muhammadu Buhari had requested for the approval of the Senate for the Federal Government to pay Kogi State Government N10.069 billion.

The president explained that the money was to settle contractual obligations by the Kogi State Government from unspecified Federal Government projects it executed on behalf of the Federal Government.

Reacting, KOESSA, CKC, FOKOPO and KAPRO, maintained that the President was merely trying to fuel electoral fraud in the state by seeking to get the money refunded close to gubernatorial election.

Alhaji Yekini Adejoh, KOESSA chairman; Isa Bello, CKC chairman, Idris Ibrahim, National Coordinator of FOKOPO and Umaru Bello, KARPO National Leader urged the federal government to shelve the refund until after the election.

They advised President Muhammadu Buhari to first probe how the Excess Crude Refund, meant for the payment of workers salary was utilized in the state, insisting that the state government used the money to sort out issues other than what it was meant for, and setting workers on a long journey of months of unpaid salary.

They insisted at separate interviews that making the refund a priority at this moment is the worst form of corruption, especially as the custodian of the state treasury are not know to be prudent in the management of the state’s resources.

In particular, the groups demanded details of the federal government projects executed by the state government, wondering if those included the numerous federal and state roads that are in worse condition as had never been in the history of the state.

“We also would like to know if the projects affected the health sector, education, sports, technology, water resources, or if it was to renovate private or public property, as there is no evidence of any construction site in the state where such an amount of money could have been spent,” Bello and Adejoh stated.

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