Listen to the masses or your government will crash — Ezekwesili warns Buhari

Tipping point or not, Nigeria is probably experiencing one of its most trying times in history, and there’s no sign things would improve anytime soon.

The call for revolution is still very much fresh and garnering support every passing day. There’s the judicial battle challenging the credibility of Buhari’s re-election. The many issues plaguing the country has dampened the mood, and the insensitivity of the Buhari government has seen the masses taken matters into their own hands.

According to Oby Ezekwesili, all these are signs of a failed government. She said when there’s public outcry against a government, it shows the masses have lost confidence in the government. This feedback according to her, means a lot to a government which respects the voices of the masses. But failure to heed would lead to a government’s downfall.

The Buhari administration has been accused of not listening to Nigerians. The President’s insensitivity and callousness is believed to be the major reason the country is polarized.

Ezekwesili said the best assessment of the Buhari administration is the mood of the citizens, and that only a wicked government will attack the citizens for speaking truth to those in power.

She said, “It is the loudest evidence of Low Democratic Maturity for Defenders of Government to consider fellow Citizens’ assessment of Governance an ‘insult’.

” How does making a Statement of Fact that the President and his government are providing
“Incompetent Leadership”
an ‘Insult’?”

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