Buhari has made life short and difficult for Nigerians — Omokri

Considering the fact that we are still only few months into Buhari’s second term in office, it’s hard to imagine what lies ahead if the current public outcry against the Buhari administration is to be taken seriously

A lot has happened in the past six months than it probably did in the whole of Buhari’s first term in office. At least, there was no #RevolutionNow or some high profile protest against the Buhari administration in his first four years. There was this excuse that the administration needed time to fix the sixteen years of misrule of the PDP since 1999.

Now however, Buhari’s excuses are considered too old and unacceptable. Some would even argue that the Buhari administration is banking on excuses to conceal is failures from the public eye.

But the shout of “Revolution” across the streets and the media is indicative that the era of excuses are over. That the presidency is no longer at peace, and would go all out against protesters demanding for a change, shows it did understood the message very clearly.

Unlike in the past when Nigerians seem contented with their predicaments and would rather die in silence than speak out, the situation under the Buhari administration seem quite different as almost everyone now has a voice and freely albeit cautiously, express their displeasure with the current government.

Reno Omokri being one of many prominent voices lashing out against the Buhari administration, has once again spoken against the president saying the situation under Buhari has cut down the life expectancy of Nigerians. He said under the Buhari administration, life is “short, brutal and filled with anxieties.

He said, “Life in Nigeria under Buhari is SHORT, BRUTISH and filled with ANXIETIES. Do you know that foreign company take out kidnap insurance before sending their staff to Nigeria? Herdsmen treat Nigeria like a conquered territory. What a life! Who will save us from Buhari?”

The Buhari administration insists it will only leave power by 2023 irrespective of pressures and demands by aggrieved Nigerians. So, Reno Omokri may have to wait a little longer for the one “who will save Nigerians from Buhari” to arrive.

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