It is sad that we had to live with mixed realities as a nation for 59 years — Jonathan

Another independence anniversary is almost upon us, and as usual, leaders both past and present have been sending their independence messages to a frustrated people already calling for an end to a union they say is not working out well.

Nigeria is currently not experiencing the best of times and the messages made sure to reflect the current realities facing the country. It’s all messages of hope — something we’ve heard over and over for decades, and plea for Nigerians to not allow their frustrations over leadership failures in the country, get the better of them.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s message for Nigerians is a far the rest as he made similar call to Nigerians to keep hope alive even as we “live with the mixed reality of abundance and lack, peace and conflict, hope and despair” for the past 59 years.

You can read the full text of his message below, as posted on his official Facebook page:

Fifty-Nine years ago, we walked into the road of political freedom when the Union Jack was lowered and the Green-White-Green Flag hoisted as the symbol of our sovereignty.
Citizens sang for joy, with heartbeats of hope and eyes flooded with a new vision of liberty and justice.

In these past decades, we have lived with the mixed reality of abundance and lack, peace and conflict, hope and despair. Despite the challenges, we have kept faith in the strength of our unity and stood firmly to uphold Nigeria’s honour and glory. It is for this spirit, that we have always emerged stronger in the face of trials.

As we celebrate our 59th Independence Anniversary, let’s honour the memory of those who committed their lives towards advancing the course of our freedom and wellbeing, which this day signifies.

We should also be inspired by the efforts of our numerous compatriots whose heroism and patriotic endeavours have continued to lift the status of our nation.

No matter the troubles that challenge our glory, we must not despair. Fellow Nigerians, let us strengthen faith in our country and work together towards a prosperous nation.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

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