You are finished! — CUPP sends ‘painful’ message to Osinbajo

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has reacted to vice president Yemi Osinbajo’s ordeal, but not in a manner that’ll help ease the VP’s pains. As a matter of fact, CUPP’s message is so husky that I’ll take something extraordinary to put a bit of smile on Osinbajo’s gloomy face.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, CUPP cautioned the vice president against doing anything stupid that’ll further hasten his tragic downfall, for dining and wining with the enemies of the masses.

The group warned Osinbajo against threat to waive his immunity and sue Timi Frank and katch Ononuju over claims of the vice president’s alleged mismanagement of N90 billion allegedly made available by the FIRS for 2019 election campaign purposes. It said the last thing Osinbajo would want to do is fight his friends thinking it would be enough to earn him the trust of his northern masters who have already decided his fate.

The statement reads: “Your statement to waive your immunity and to sue Timi Frank and katch ononuju is the biggest joke ever to come from you. Maybe you do not know, nobody takes you serious anymore.

“Go ahead and sue and stop making noise about it. One million suits against media houses and activists won’t change the fact that your master’s people do not trust you again and his Alleluya boys have taken over all the little bread and butter agencies that used to be in your care.

“Who sued you when you went about during your campaigns and recklessly accusing opposition leaders of looting billions of dollars without evidence

“Just pray they do not serve you impeachment notice because we in the opposition will join them to sink you politically so we can focus our energy on your master.”

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