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58th Year of Horror and 59th of Uncertainty — A Must Read



Nigeria will mark its 59th year of nationhood on Tuesday, but the 58th year will forever be remembered for mostly the wrong reasons.

While it is up to you to decided where the “BADS” began, I think it all started from the removal of former CJN Walter Onnoghen prior to the 2019 general elections. Then comes the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in an election whose outcome is still being challenged in court.

Remember the words “Low Key?” That was the excuse for a pathetic May 29th and June 12th celebrations. These where supposed to be two important National Events in the country. As a matter of fact, the celebrations were so bad that I’d rather not talk about it.

The next in line sees Governors negotiating with Bandits, and kidnappers receiving supplies from Helicopters. The word “Ruga” is very familiar, but there’s the N100 billion and radio station demand by MACBAN.

COZA aside, remember RevolutionNow? That’s the struggle which cost Omoyele Sowore his freedom alongside activists and journalists who dared Buhari’s government.

Then comes policy aspect which includes ban on importation of certain food products notably rice and milk, and subsequent closure of the land borders entirely — all which attracted condemnations from both critics and ECOWAS. But that’s not all, there’s that cashless policy which if in effect, would see Nigerians charged fees for deposits over N500,000. There’s also several charges planned for online transactions too.

If all the above weren’t terrible enough, how about that affidavit thing? Oh wait, there’s the Mohamed Buhari is the same with Muhammadu Buhari according to judgment passed by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal on 11th of September 2019.

Even though many Nigerians had lost faith in the judiciary and predicted Atiku would lose at the Tribunal, does PEPT’s desperation to keep Buhari in power have to be this gross? Who on earth doesn’t know that a single error in a document no matter how minute and seemingly insignificant, is still taken very seriously and is unacceptable?

Fast forward to the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on climate change where President Muhammadu Buhari represented Nigeria. You can read the report here then decide for yourself whether or not its the worst of the “BADS” of the 58th year of nationhood.

Lastly, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo needs your earnest prayer right now!

Permit me to end this little piece here. You are free to drop your comments and let me know what else is missing. Even the “GOOD” is welcomed.