There’s a greater reason to shut down Nigeria under Buhari, than what he did to Jonathan — Omokri

The gulf in opinion on president Buhari’s performance since replacing Jonathan in 2015, is as wide as the vacuum of space if you chose to go that far. In other words, it would be an effort in futility to try to get either side of the argument to reach a compromise.

The Buhari administration itself is not helping matters! You might think it is disrespectful of Sowore lawyer to say Buhari does not listen to Nigerians despite using taxpayers money to treat his ailing ear. But then, you’d have a great job in your hands proving the lawyer wrong.

Lest we forget, the presidency celebrated suppression of free expression after authorizing crackdown on #RevolutionNow protesters earlier this week. There are Nigerians still in captivity for daring to express their dissatisfaction with the Buhari administration. A government which cares about feedbacks from the masses irrespective of the channels used to get government’s attention, truly posses listening ears.

This is probably why you’ve heard and read so much about Buhari’s leadership style to that of Goodluck Jonathan. Some even wondered why the same Buhari who shut down Nigeria for days in protest against the Jonathan administration, suddenly could not tolerate protest against his own administration. But that’s not what’s even more troubling.

In the heat of the debate as Nigerians drew contrast between Buhari and Jonathan’s administrations, there seem to be a general consensus that there’s a more reason to shut down Nigeria under the Buhari administration, compared to that of Jonathan.

Reno Omokri who has spent the past days tweeting on the hypocrisy of the Buhari government, recently said that the Buhari subsidy regime is a broad day scam against Nigerians, but wondered why no one is taking serious action against the government as they did during the Jonathan era.

The former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan returned with another tweet, as he drew contrast between Buhari and his former boss.

He wrote, “Dear Nigerians, do you remember the Good Old Days when fuel was ₦87, dollar was ₦199 to $1, 50kg rice was ₦8k, Lagos-Abuja return air ticket was ₦18k, your ₦18k Minimum Wage was worth $120, and a bottle of Coke was ₦60, a packet of Indomie noodles was ₦25, with a tin of Peak milk going for ₦80, and Nisan was making cars in Nigeria for export, when you could insult then President Jonathan and protest without being jailed and the Nigerian Army showed killer herdsmen who was boss, and were shooting terrorists instead of releasing ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members.”

He then concluded by asking Nigerians if they missed the good old days.

It takes no gimmick to spot the difference between Buhari and his predecessor. Almost all the issues Buhari and his circle raised against the Jonathan administration, has more than doubled under the current government.

From the Naira, to fuel prices despite subsidy, to security, power, economy and lots of other issues. A little honest comparison between the two administrations is all it takes to decide which is better.

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