You will be helpless when you leave office — Sani warns Buhari

Success or failure is not really what counts right now. Forget claims of victory over the August 5 #RevolutionNow protest by the Buhari administration. As much as the handling of the protest seem like an achievement to the presidency, what the world sees however, is a government of oppression and rights violation.

There has been widespread condemnation both from within and outside the country over attacks on protesters, harassment of journalists, and the illegal detention of Omoyele Sowore, the leading figure of the #RevolutionNow struggle.

The Buhari presidency has been charged to respect the constitutional rights of Nigerians instead of acting as though the country is still under military rule.

Oby Ezekwesili in a tweet yesterday, called on Buhari and all security operatives to remember that their appointments are temporal, and that they’ll one day return back to the very same people they now oppress.
Former Kaduna State Senator, Senator Shehu Sani in a similar fashion, also warned the President against human rights violations. He said no matter how much the president feels intimidated, he should exercise restraint much like his predecessor. He said, the president will likely be helpless once he leaves power, as Nigerians “don’t have the culture and history of defending the actions of their Presidents When they leave office.”

He said, “The President must avoid leaving behind a poisonous legacy of rights violations no matter the temptation, provocation and instigation by those encouraging it. Nigerians don’t have the culture and history of defending the actions of their Presidents when they leave office.”

Nigerians were also quick to remind the president that he once led a protest against his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan during the Occupy Nigeria Protest in 2011, without been attacked or harassed. They therefore, demand that the Buhari administration release those arrested during the August 5 protest.

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