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These men you see in the photographs below, are all from Ohoba town (Ohoba sector)

These men you see in the photographs below, are all from Ohoba town (Ohoba sector), of the Nigerian civil war popularity, and they all made supreme sacrifices for Biafran liberation. Not much has changed in the community since after the civil war, poverty is still concentrated in strong mixture in this community, our people are dying faster than they can be buried due to lack of medical attention and absence of all the social amenities that command a comfortable level of existence and make the good life possibly.
Of a truth, 95% of the people you are seeing, have gone to be with the Lord, but they did not cast away their confidence that one day, Biafra shall become a reality, and that will compensate for all their pains and disappointments. What is the gain remaining in a system that debases and dehumanises you, a system where you have no legitimacy and the only right your have is the right to subordinate positions in a country where the oil wealth from Biafran land constitutes 90% of Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings?
Do not forget OHOBA SECTOR, in the areas of infrastructural and human capacity building, when Biafra comes into existence. This is the best tribute you can pay to the memory and labour of these ex-Biafran soldiers and fallen heroes . Keep on struggling, God has seen our afflictions by reason of our taskmasters and He will surely visit us. Freedom is not freely given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.
Long live Ohoba sector,
Long live Biafra,
Goodbye Nigeria.


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