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Reasons Why We Must Obey The Sit At Home Order On 30th May 2018 By Prisca

I keep on seeing social lamentations where some biased fellow were asking the need of another Sit At Home. I smiled because they don't know that our obedience is been recognized spiritually than physical and we shouldn't think of relenting now for we are at the finishing point. While pondering with all these complains I had a reflection about the cruel war that was orchestrated against us in 1960-70.

These are the people that suffered most in this struggle, they saw death and pleaded for it to take their lives away. They were starved for our sake, they were humiliated because they don't want to see us through this perpetual agony we are in today. they were massacred because they asked for freedom.

Why can't we reciprocate by honoring them?. Why can't we appreciate their effort by remembering their sacrifice?. Why can't we acknowledged their ultimate Price by telling the world how painful it is to loose 4.5 million souls in the hands of Hausa Fulani and Yoruba Oligarchy that orchestrated a heinous crime against humanity in Nigeria which they deprived us the history?.

Have you ever sat down and take a look of your Child,Younger sister, mother& Father relatives that you loved so much dying in pain and agony without intervention?. Have you ever seen where any of your siblings or friend pleading for help because of one excuse or the other but no one cares to render help. Take your time and reflect, fix yourself in their shoes. Stay on hunger strike for sometimes and see how painful it was then. They never dreamt of the hardship, they never asked for the bitterness, they never asked for genocide in their own land.

They pains they received from the oppressors were never their faults but it was out of hatred they have on us which they are still on the mission in making sure that we are being wiped out from this very planet only because we are blessed by Chukwuabiama (God)

Have you ever give it a thought what made made Awolowo to made an utterance that they will wipe us all just in three day?. Have you ever asked your self what led Obasanjo in saying that "if gun can't kill them then hunger will for if a man has no food to eat he will never have strength to fight his oppressor?".

Have you ever ask your self why Gowon used Air,land and sea blockage against us?. Have you ever ask why they didn't fought the Biafran Soilders rather they went from farm to farm,house to house hospitals ,schools churches etc in search of the helpless civilians and massacred them whilst our soldiers are in the bush waiting for them not know that they have killed their families.

Do we actually remember what happened in Owerri,Abagana and many more? How can we forget so soon how they raped our mothers and sisters killed our young youths and also the pregnant women?.

After the genocidal war what happened?. They seized our properties, picked our beautiful women for marriage, stole our resources, made us irrelevant in our own land,politics and educational System.
Have we also forgotten that our money were sized in the bank and our fathers were given 10pounds only in form of compensation ??

They went  through all these because they saw today, they knew that we are not save in Nigeria. They knew that only freedom will be the answer to all these brutal killings. Reflect on all these things and you will see the reason why we must remember them. 
How can we achieve that?. Simply Stay at home on 30th of May For they must not be forgotten. Our history must not be deleted!!. Keep on telling the world what happened in 1967-70 until they heard our plea..

Authored By Prisca C Okehi

To be Continued...


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