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In 1966, over eight hundred thousand (800,000) innocent Igbos were massacred in cold blood by the HausaFulanis in Northern Nigeria.

In 1967- 70, over 4.5 million innocent Biafrans with a larger Igbo population were massacred in cold blood once again using hunger and starvation as a weapon of war, with the unrestrained support of Britain itself, USSR, USA, the Arab nations some Muslim dominated counties and hired mercenaries from Africa. A genocide BBC itself has not recognized. A genocide whose its perpetrators are walking free today unquestioned. As a matter of fact BBC as one of the world main stream media played a major role in shielding the sufferings of the Igbos from the knowledge of humanity.

Between 2015- 2017, not less than ten thousand (10,000) innocent Biafrans has been massacred and over five thousand (5,000) still with a larger number of the Igbos are still under detention in various detention facilities in Nigeria, by Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari for asking for the freedom of Biafra.

So since 1966- 2014 when the said Igbos had no voice on the media to tell their stories where the BBC ?

Where were BBC all these while that the said Igbos needed a voice?

Why the sudden sympathy of BBC to the Igbos now that Igbos has gotten a voice via Radio Biafra London that speaks for both Igbo and non Igbo.

Are the BBC not aware that Radio Biafra London, the university of the truth is the most listened Radio station on earth today?
Radio Biafra is online and also on every media platform known to humanity.
What other media do we need other than the dreaded Radio Biafra London?


Why the sudden establishment of the said platform in this special time that Biafra restoration project is almost 97% fulfilled?

BBC has to convince us with a superior reason why the establishment of BBC IGBO SERVICE and what they stance to achieve with it.

It's obvious that the British government is out to destroy Biafra as they did during the precolonial era and in 1967-70.
But British government should get ready to battle it out with IPOB the new generation of Biafrans and the confirmation best brains of the black race.
They shouldn't forget in a hurry that nothing is impossible to achieve with the name IPOB.

By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius of Family Writers Press.


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