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Release Benjamin Madubugwu, others  with their personal belongings now - Hardcore Biafran Charges DSS

Ibeh Gift Amarachi Wrote:

Are you aware that, the Nigeria Dss forcefully carted away with the Personal Belongings(Which includes Cars etc), of Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu, without returning it?

Are you also aware that while in custody, the Nigeria Dss made a Second move, by invading his House, Harassed his Wife and carted away with her Car and House Decoder?

Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu has been on detention for over Two Years without Trial, yet the Nigeria Judiciary has not been abolished, due to their functionless state.

In Nigeria, the Executive wing of the Government, controls the Legislative and Judiciary system.
The rights of the common Man, is being infringed with indemnity, because the British Government has vowed to be master of Africa Countries to their amazement.

Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu has the right to SelfDetermination, which is in accordance with the United Nations Charter.
His Personal Belongings should be returned back to him and his Freedom regained, for the World is currently seeing the Nigeria Government as a Looting and Corrupt one, that should be discarded.

#FreeAllBiafraDetainees #FreeBiafra


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