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By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers Press

The recent establishment of BBC IGBO SERVICE is a clear confirmation that the message of Biafra has saturated the international community and therefore a nightmare to the Nigerian and British governments respectively. BBC IGBO SERVICE was established to divide the minds of Biafrans and silence the dreaded Biafra media. This yet another glaring evidence that the message of Biafra restoration is penetrating the ends of the world and the British and Nigerian governments are fighting dirty to destroy Biafra restoration and her freedom. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in every continent of the world and are duly registered with the government of over 100 countries of the world. This alone has been the reason information about Biafra freedom has gone far beyond viral.
This is another limitless success recorded by IPOB in the quest for Biafra restoration project.

When it comes to freedom fighting IPOB is one of a kind, even though Nigerians are too insensitive to understand that IPOB has destroyed Nigeria beyond repair. For it is of no doubt that the establishment of BBC IGBO SERVICE was Britain's  counter attack on IPOB over the establishment of "Radio Nigeria Hausa Service" which IPOB established in Northern Nigeria some months ago. The British government should bury their faces in shame for copying IPOB, thereby making Biafrans genus. This is yet another evidence that IPOB is hundred steps ahead of the British and the Nigerian governments in their evil plots to destroy Biafra restoration project. But  whatsoever step they are taking against IPOB, they should always have it at the back of their minds that Biafra restoration cannot be stopped by mere mortals.

To those who think that IPOB is a time gambler, that the message of Biafra restoration has gone nowhere, should bury their heads in shame for IPOB has not just conquered Nigerian media alone but have also conquered one of the main stream media called the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which has been the major media outfit that was used in shielding the name Biafra to the knowledge of humanity. I must say kudos to Biafra media for they have proven what Biafra is capable of achieving within the shortest period of time when they finally gain their freedom.

For those who are still in doubt that Biafra freedom is impossible should wake up from their daydream and join the moving train that will land us into our promise land.
IPOB under the rare leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will deliver Biafra freedom to Biafrans worldwide.

It is obviously undisputable that the message for Biafra restoration project has gone far beyond the expected. With the lunching of BBC IGBO SERVICE which is a grand plot to destroy IPOB and shatter the dream of Biafra freedom by the British government via the British owned and controlled main stream media, is yet another recorded success by the IPOB media wing. Because for Britain to go that far of using their mainstream media to challenge the Biafra media significantly entails the milestone at which the message of Biafra has gone.
This is another challenge thrown to IPOB media by the British government and as such Biafrans should brace up and keep the fire burning beyond the expected limit. A lot is now required of Biafra media because the media war has been extended beyond the shores of the contraption known as Nigeria and must be won. Biafrans must win this media war at all cost. We shall keep pressing forward until Biafra freedom is actualized.  We promise Britain that we will continue propagating the message of Biafra restoration until it gets to the ends of the earth and beyond.
Our pledge to the Nigerian and British governments remains that we will restore Biafra under their watch.

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