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Igbos Have Been Cheated So Much In Nigeria – Balarabe

Former governor of old Kaduna State and National Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, has called for the zoning of the 2019 presidency to the Igbo.

He said it has become necessary to give Presidency to the Igbos because they have been cheated for too long by denying them a shot at the presidency over the years.

Musa wondered why the nation’s dominant ethnic groups find it difficult to tolerate an Igbo presidency, adding that the northern elders’ push for a consensus northern presidential candidate for the 2019 polls is all about their personal rather than national interests.

”Why do we always talk of Northern elders? Who are they, other than fighting for their own personal interest? If they are adopting a consensus presidential candidate, it means a vote of no confidence in one them.”

”But why do the North always talk of Northern presidency, what about a president from somewhere else other than the North. Why is it always the North ?”

During the Second Republic, the gate-keepers from the West, East and North got the military off our back and got somebody brought by the North because it stopped the military from taking over power.

Immediately after the Obasanjo’s regime in 1979, the civilians started planning which group could take over power from the military, with the hope of restraining the military from taking power again.

During Obasanjo’s time, there was agreement that Obasanjo would return power to the civilian in 1979. But the problem was how can they be sure that the military would not come back under any guise.

So in the end, they agreed that restraining the military from coming back to power, they have to have somebody from the North because they thought that the North has the cohesion and the might greater than the West and the East in restraining the military from taking over power.

Because of this conspiracy of power between the North, West and the East, they jointly agreed that the presidency come from the North, because Northern power bloc has the capacity to restrain the military from taking over power, and they brought in Shehu Shagari who said that he did not see himself more than a local government chairman. But the North, the West and the East conspired and donated the presidency to the North.

They said anybody from the North was okay; and Shagari became anybody from the North. What has the North benefitted from it?
Then after June 12, 1993, there was instability without accommodating the South West because the West was not historically strong like the North.

The West was perpetually a troublemaker. They have the control of the media, the professionals and so on.

So to bring about unity, the South West has to be consoled; the presidency should be donated to the South West. The North and the South West agreed. And Obasanjo who was not in the picture was picked because of this conspiracy.

Obasanjo became the president. Later when they found out that the South South controls the lifeline of the country in terms of oil, and the zone has been kept outside power, the same power bloc of the North, the West and the East, agreed that the South-South should be given the presidency and Jonathan became the president.

Now, I don’t know for what reason there is the conspiracy again between the North, West, East and even the South South that the power should go back to the North again for countless numbers.

Why should we continue with this recycle?
The North has been in power for so many times, even out of 10 former presidents, seven came from the north, one came from the South West, and one from South South, and none from the South East.

Why none from the South East?, It is because of the fear of Northern oligarchy and the South West bourgeoisie, because the Igbo bourgeoisie is republican and more competitive than the Northern and Southern bourgeoisie.

Why not comply with national character and this time donate the presidency to the Igbo. It is donation because it has nothing to do with the votes of the people.

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