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Igbo Ancestral Communication, Ifenta, Ala Muo, Your Millions of Years of Evolution & Ancestors

Yagazie (May we prosper)!! The New Afrikan Diaspora & The Afrikan Continent Are forever connected spiritually, Nothing is granted without Communicating with The Ndichie ( Ancestors ) in Ala Muo ( Land of The Spirits/Ancestors ) through Ancestral Communication. the most important thing to remember is your ancestors are you; they are part of your genetic make up. Every memory, experience and characteristic exist within your DNA. Everything i do is communicated between me and my Known and Unknown Blood Ndichie ( Ancestors ) first. If you go back just one generation, you have two ancestors. Go back two, and that number becomes six. Skip to ten generations and now you can have up to 2046 ancestors . Mind boggling isn’t it? You are a combination of millions of years of evolution. You contain traits from every one of your ancestors, starting from the first divine seed that humanity sprang from (Ifenta, which means “small light” was the name of the first human in Igbo cosmogony).
Building Ancestral Memorial Shrines: Use your imagination! Utilize pictures, personal possessions, candles, historical memorabilia, etc. to create your ancestral shrine. If you want, you can also include an alter where you can place water, plants, seeds, as well as articles of food or alcohol from time to time. Traditional Igbo ancestral altars typically contained sacred objects such as an Ofo stick (passed down from generation to generation) and an Ikenga. Kola nuts were broken at it every morning accompanied by a prayer for good favor. As you continue your journey, in time you will start to become aware of your ancestors speaking to you through signs, symbols, dreams, as well as through other people. you will learn the language that they speak, and be able to communicate more effectively with them. If at any time you feel isolated or in need of guidance, become very still and remember that your ancestors live in you, and they will always be there to support you. Your body is a living shrine to them and your positive actions are better than any type of sacrifice you could offer them or libation you could pour. One should not fall into the trap of elevating your ancestors above ones self. Some people use the term “ancestor worship” to describe what a lot of Africans do to those that came beforehand. While I feel that back in the day, it was a misnomer, from my observations, today many people of African descent do tend to put to put their ancestors on a pedistool that they are unable to reach. Rather than elevating them to a high place, think of them as people in a relay race who have passed their torch to you. Your job is to run faster than they did. As long as you are caught up in worshipping them, you can never outdo them.
Biafra: Igbo Ancestral Communication, Ifenta, Ala Muo, Your Millions Years of Ancestry – Haki Shakur
The notion of giving offerings is a global concept found in many spiritual traditions, religions and cultures. In African communities offerings can take many forms including leaving a small portion of food for ancestors at meal times, pouring palm oil to the earth, adding flowers to an ancestral altar etc. There are various ways to reflect this gesture, which is ultimately to show respect and acknowledge the energies you are trying to connect with. The symbolic act of giving spiritually opens up the pathway to receiving your intent requested in the ritual, in a reciprocating cycle.
The relationship between the departed and the living never ceases to exist and just like any other relationship, respect is key. When communicating with a loved one show respect and gratitude. Call them by name, if you do not know any of your ancestors’ names ask for the positive ancestors within your lineage to come through to help, protect and guide you. Start by building up a relationship with them, you may need to do a few sessions before you can recognise the signs of communication in return, but they will come, be patient.
Libation is a traditional form of prayer, which can be found all over the ancient world particularly across African cultures. This tradition can be found on temple walls in Egypt and still is prevalent across the various communities on the continent today. Traditionally libation was carried out using water. This primordial element represents purity, cleansing and vitality as it is one if the major aspects which makes up the planet and our bodies.
The act of libation is usually done outside, pouring water gently onto the earth in short bursts accompanied by prayer. You can call the name of the ancestor(s) you would like to acknowledge whilst pouring the liquid and stating your prayer. Some people pour libation in the morning to give thanks for the new day or to commemorate a special occasion. You can incorporate libations in your life as a way of invoking the energy of ancestors and energies of the cosmos. Over time other liquids have been used for libation including alcohol; usually gin or palm wine. I would recommend starting with water.


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