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Breaking News: Buhari led-government should urgently release David Nwawuisi, others - Biafran activists voiced out, says they committed no crime against humanity - Ndigbo News

Biafrans have you taken your time, to know why DAVID NWAWUISI is still on detention?

We have been analysing the charges of his codefendants and I decided to analyse the comical reason why, this Young Man was arrested by Nigeria DSS and kept incommunicado for Six Months, without access to neither his Legal Counsel nor Family members.

Now, David Nwauisi was accused of mounting a Radio Biafra Transmitter on an MTN Mast where he works, without an evidential prove to back up, the claims of the Nigeria Government.

On this nature of matter, is it the duty of the State Security(DSS) to carry out an arrest and detain the suspect for Six months, when the Nigeria Police is still functional?
Every Sane minds knows that, it is the responsibility of the Police to investigate a Suspect, with such accusation, not the DSS.

David Nwawusi was not only arrested, but kept incommunicado IN AN UNDERGROUND CELL FOR SIX MONTHS.
It is against even the constitution of Nigeria, to detain a suspect for 48hours, without Bail or charging to Court.
From my knowledge of Law, an accused is not Guilty, until declared guilty by a Court Of Jurisdiction, why then was an accused kept incommunicado for months and declared guilty by a None Judiciary entity called Dss?

After dishing out inhumane torture on Citizen David Nwawusi and Denial of Access to his Legal Counsel, at the Convenient time of the Nigeria Government, he was arraigned in Federal High Court Abuja and charged for Treasonable Felony accompanied with other baseless charges.
The presiding Judge John Tsoho having seeing the Injustice melted against the Young Man, heartlessly denied him Bail.

After Six Months of Pains and inhumane Torture in DSS custody, Citizen David Nwawusi was remanded in Kuje Prison Abuja and has been on detention for over Two Years, without Justice from Nigeria Judiciary.

The denial of Justice was also extended, to visitation, as the Nigeria Government banned Biafrans from visiting David Nwawusi and his codefendants remanded with him in Kuje Prison.

Nigeria is a Hopeless Country, where Cows are more valuable than humans.
The rights of the Common Man is violated, on a daily basis with indemnity. You must be a disciple of the Islamic Northern Cabal, to get Justice, if not you will be ripped off, which is more reason IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are agitating for the restoration of Biafra.

David Nwawusi, Benjamin Madubugwu, Bright Chimezie, Godwin Phillip, Ifeanyi Jeff and other Biafran detained Victims, must be released, because the comical charges are  not grounded enough, to deny them Freedom.

#FreeAllBiafraDetainees #FreeBiafra

Written By Ibeh Gift Amarachi

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