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It has become obviously a reoccurring dilemma in the Buhari run federal government of Nigeria, that in every December, preparatory to Christmas celebrations, the pump prices of petroleum products, especially premium motor spirit (PMS), commonly referred to as fuel, skyrockets. Ridiculously, the petroleum Ministry that is saddled with the responsibility of exploration, exploitation, production and distribution of petroleum products is equally headed in the purely Islamic fundamentalist government, by tyrant President Muhammadu Buhari who knows absolutely nothing about the intricacies inherent in this very sensitive ministry. Christians are being subjected to very gruelling experiences of paying through their noses each time the Christmas season dawns, on transport costs to their various towns and villages from their respective cities of abodes. This calls for unified approach by concerned Nigerians to permanently nip this trend in the board.

This annual and unjustifiable increases in the pump prices of fuel only during Christian festival of Christmas in December is enormously having attached  corresponding ripples of sadism on Nigerians who inadvertently, are paying supreme prices for having a visionless and despotic rulership foisted on them even in a democracy. For how long would this misnomer be endured by the overbearing Nigerian populace? A country that pumps millions of barrels of crude oil into the International market and yet cannot ameliorate the sufferings of her citizens is to say the least, most callous. Civil servants are paid paltry salaries despite their production inputs in an economy that has been lamed by the immoral activities of the cabals. Nigeria is a country concocted by the colonial merchants of the British led by Fredrick Lugard in 1914, ostensibly for obvious egocentric interests and that is why the myriads of misfortunes and administrative upheavals are trailing her till date without remedy.

It is necessary here to point out that Nigerians should understand that the problems confronting the country is not who is at the helm of affairs as the President at one time or the other but principally, a foundational matter and nothing else. The only panacea to this chronic ailment is the dissolution and dismemberment of the country and reverting to the original and various Indigenous People groupings satanically lumped together as a country against their consent by the "exploitative enemies". Let it be emphatically be made clear that as long as this anomaly persists, the people will be made to bear the brunt even when rulers of Hausa-Fulani extraction are successively installed to control the affairs of governance. There is nobody in the contraption called Nigeria that will employ the magic wand that can turn around the existing political and economic quagmire. The politicians known for their crass egocentric interests will never own up to reality nor tell the gullible, the glaring truth. If only the Arewas, the Oduduwas and the Biafrans could be allowed to chart their own courses and excel at their own paces, as originally ordained, then the seemingly elusive solution would have been permanently applied.

Nigeria which is 57 years presently, following her Independence in 1960, should desist from preaching unity but stringently employing people-based policies that will not only positively impact on their lives but also help reposition them for 22nd century developmental strides. The Biafrans for instance are deeply saddened by the wicked foundational policies of the British colonialists which have systematically as intended, stripped off the true identity of the people from them and alternated with the fake. There can never be any progress in Nigeria where about 90℅ of Biafrans openly detest anything the country represents due years of concentrated oppression and injustice employed against them.
Prior to Nigeria Independence in 1960,  the Arewas, the Oduduwas and the Biafrans healthily interacted with each other without any traceable reports of hostilities, suspicion and distrust as presently being recorded. Therefore, it becomes indisputably factual to state here that the only remedy today, to the many conflicts bedeviling Nigeria is for the people to unequivocally demand for dissolution of the status quo. For therein lies the prospects of good neighborliness and the introduction of the expected development/progress of the different Indigenous ethnic nationalities that were forced into an unholy marriage in 1914, which has caused the unfortunate emergence of this unworkable country called Nigeria.

It is time to pay heed to the voice of wisdom and save the people!

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