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Following the successful completion of our Operation Cow Dance, beautifully executed by the United Kingdom IPOB family, that led to the premature and unscheduled exit of the person referred to as 'Muhammadu Buhari' from his Abuja House London residence on Friday 20 April 2018 back to Nigeria; the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has vowed to intensify it's efforts to unmask the real man, Jubril, behind the Buhari mask. In this regard we have decided to launch the follow-up  Operation Cow Dance 2 to coincide with the planned arrival of 'Muhammadu Buhari' in Washington on April, 30th. The aim of this Operation Cow Dance 2, to be undertaken by the great IPOB family in the United States, is to apprehend and submit the man who has been doing the job of impersonating Buhari and deceiving millions of people all over the world to a DNA test.

It will be in the best of the Fulani cabal to suspend the planned trip to the US and take further steps to prevail upon Jubril not to contest as Buhari in 2019 because he will be unmasked. When our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time said that Buhari will usher in Biafra, this scenario currently playing out with Jubril must have been what he had in mind. We patiently waited for the cabal to announce that Jubril will run again in order to trap them in their own web of deceit and now we have done that, we are now going to bring an end to Nigeria by revealing the grand conspiracy and deception that created this Buhari alta ego.

IPOB will prove to the world that Jubril is not the Buhari that died in early 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. The heat is on to obtain Jubril's DNA during this US trip. Technology exists that can extract DNA from the most unlikely of sources. So, no matter what his handlers does in the US, Jubril must leave his DNA which will be matched with the DNA of one of Buhari's children and his sister which is in IPOB possession. The worst mistake Fulani cabal made was not to allow Yemi Osinbajo to take over when Buhari died. Fulani cabal disdain for written laws, rules and procedures is their undoing. Our leader knew this Jubtil presented a golden opportunity for the spectacular collapse of Nigeria that was why he publicly announced it to a stunned global audience that Jubril is not Buhari. Our leader knew that oroving that Jubril is not Buhari will be one of the quickest ways to bring an end to Nigeria and the emergence of Biafra.

We could have attempted the extraction of the DNA in London but decided against it because we know the British government always favoured Islamic Arewa regimes and will do anything to protect and perpetuate their rule. USA is the best terrain for IPOB to obtain it since the latest technology in remote extraction of DNA is publicly available. From now onwards a drop of sweat from Jubril, every microphone he uses, every where he leaves a sweaty palm or finger print, every surface he touches, he leaves something that will prove he is not Buhari.

What happened in London will be a child's play compared to what shall become of this version of Buhari in Washington if he attempts this visit. IPOB USA is ready and waiting. We know the man masquerading as Buhari is fake and is Jubril from Sudan, we are going to get his DNA to prove it.

There is no way that Nigeria can emerge from this impending catastrophe. This present person claiming he is Buhari can never contest in 2019 because he will attend rallies, public meetings and he will definitely sweat or leave his bodily fluid somewhere. This is a trap from which Nigeria will never recover. IPOB have within its ranks the most intelligent people and strategists in the world. Watch as we take Nigeria apart piece by piece. Biafra is almost here.


In as much as I hate to begin this rebuttal this way, I must say it that my friend Charles Ogbu lied in his most recent article he titled "WHY IGBO YOUTHS MUST NOT BOYCOTT ELECTION IN ALA-IGBO". I respect friendship and I also respect the personality of Charles, but I can not just see him lie and let it go unchallenged, especially in a crucial matter as this. Charles wrote that in his one-on-one discussion with Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB listened to Prof Ben Nwabueze to cancel the planned election boycott. He used the word "listened" as to mask what he intended to say which is 'agreed' to cancel the election boycott. This is only but a fallacy. This is  maliciously concocted by my dearest friend to sell to people his need for Biafrans to jettison election boycott as to embrace election. This is how he intend to drive home his point.

We can still remember vividly the outcome of the meetings held between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the South East governors, where they begged him to put aside his planned boycott of election. If we have not forgotten so easily, we will remember that Kanu said he will get back to his people, because it is not a decision he can make by himself as IPOB has Directorate Of State that manned it. This does not imply he accepted. He simply said, I have heard you and will relate to my people and come back to you. How then did he 'agree' (listen) to them to cancel the proposed election boycott? If he agreed, then why say he will get back to IPOB body. Unfortunately, Nnamdi Kanu is not here to put the record straight, but all through he was out of prison, members of Family Writers Press and other IPOB Media have always been with him to cover all his events. On no occasion did Nnamdi Kanu agreed to cancel Election Boycott, he only agreed to take the appeal to his people. So tell me how my friend Charles Ogbu got to that conclusion that Nnamdi Kanu agreed to jettison Anambra Election Boycott? An outsider or gullible fellow will just conclude that Nnamdi Kanu would have cancelled the election boycott had it been the army didn't struck. Someone would have concluded that the governors made Nnamdi Kanu understand that election boycott is a foolish idea, when it is not the case.

Comrade, this is where you goofed big time.
We are free to pitch our tenth with anyone and with anybody we deemed fit, but we do not have that right to lie against someone, especially someone kidnapped or probably dead as to score cheap points. I am one of those that are not swayed by beautiful words and erudition. I easily pinpoint lies even when they are hidden in lines of poems.

Having said this, I will like to reiterate that it is in the advantage of Ndi Igbo and Biafra in general to seriously boycott this election. We all know that for more than 50 years and still counting, Nigeria has been going on and on to vote, and for more than 50 years they can not boast of voting in their desired candidate. It has been a self imposed leader, someone we all always embrace forcefully.

They say that the "biggest mistake Igbo youths will make is boycotting election of people who will be directly responsible for piloting their destiny". The above quote looks logical and beautiful, but can you please throw in some questions as to know if the above statement can still stand logical when placed side by side with our ordeals and experiences in Nigeria as pertaining to elections in Nigeria. Can Charles Ogbu and those who believe in his line of thought tell us how these people we have been electing since in 70s till now have been piloting the affairs of the Igbo people and Nigeria in general? Tell us if the likes of Governors Willi Obiano, Rochas Okorocha, David Umahi, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Okezie Ikpeazu are not product of election. Are they not directly responsible for piloting our affairs? What has these products of our election done for us? What did they do during operation Python dance II? Are they not the persons that sat and proscribed their own youths who did nothing? Didn't their action put us all in harms way? Didn't we all see the fighter jets hovering over Onitsha and Aba? What have we really got since we have been voting?

Charles, I want to let you know that in the history of election boycott around the world, election boycott have never recorded 100% and it can never record such percentage. IPOB is not seeking for a 100% election boycott. We are not even boycotting to unseat Buhari. If you say that if IPOB boycotts, still there will be results, I then also say that if you still vote, as you have been doing for many years now, there will also be results that will produce their own choice and not yours. Is it then proper for us to continue legitimizing their rigging through voting or should we not absent ourselves completely from an election that has continuously yielded nothing but failure. "Nigeria is too primitive for election boycott by any group of people to have any meaningful impact." So tell us those meaningful impact election in Nigeria has produced if not killing, marginalization, inequality and corruption?

For more than miserable 50years we have been voting under the sun and rain. After every election, results that are completely different from the wishes of the people are announced. For how long will this continue? Did we just remembered meaningful impact because IPOB called for election boycott? Haven't these people rule us for four years and go on to contest and win again even when they performed badly in their first tenure? How is it that we have been this way since we have been voting? How did IPOB election boycott suddenly become a problem? Haven't we been bounded by every decision these stooges takes? So what will be different if we boycott and they go on to shamelessly appoint their own stooge like they have been doing since we started voting? For your information, I personally have my PVC, and I am going to boycott with it.

Charles I put it to you that if you truly acknowledge that the country called Nigeria has neither hope nor future for Ndigbo, then you wouldn't have come up with this thought of asking Igbos to jettison the simple revolutionary action they have embraced to run back to voting again.

Boycott is not us cutting our nose to spite our faces. The present governors were s-elected and they sent the military to kill Igbo youths. Elect another and they will still be the puppet of the Fulanis against the wishes of their own people. We have never regarded self-determination to be a marathon race. You rightly said "what we have as leaders in Igbo land are a bunch of 'Ndi-abani-di-egwu'. You called them political bandits and crude criminals." And I ask, who then do you want us to vote in? Same political bandits and crude criminals or are you going to import saints from heaven? Don't forget that most of these leaders were not bad before they ventured into politics. Who then corrupted them? Did you cared to trace it? Don't forget that both Governor Rochas Okorocha and David Umahi are products of the same election you are telling us to embrace.

IPOB and other people like me that will join in this boycott are not boycotting because of the notion that boycott will birth Biafra as some of you are thinking. We are not even boycotting because election will be rigged. We are boycotting because we want to register our displeasure with the happenings in Nigeria and even if the shameless Nigerian government through INEC decides to call results, how then will it defeat our goal?

Biafrans will not die because of elections or in the name of protecting useless votes in Nigeria. We have been voting yet we still remain under these rogues. We will not adopt the Bayelsa style, we will rather stop permanently this defeatist elections that have seen us produce 'foreigners' who do not mean well for us.

My dearest friend, this is exactly the point you will have to chose were you truly belong? Are you for Biafra or are you for Nigeria? Are you for Nnamdi Kanu or are you for Nnia Nwodo? This position MUST be taken now and fast. You can not dance further without choosing your side before you put us all into confusion. And I want to tell you that whatever part you chose to be, it is solely your right. But you must as a matter of urgency chose a side.

Enough of this Election!

It baffles me that some people find it difficult to be consistent in their life and in whatever they believe or do. Today they are here, tomorrow they are the other side. They are unstable! Run away from such people even in relationships such people cannot be trusted with anything tangible. If you do trust them, you are on your own. They will smash your trust when you least expected it. Such people always find it difficult too to follow good leadership because of their unwavering manners and wrong attitudes towards leadership because they want to be seen as Oga or Madam "I know it all". Oga and Madam "I know it all", humble and follow people who can deliver. IPOB is that leadership that can deliver.

I came online yesterday and saw a lot of posts here and there about voting in 2019 elections. I just laughed Her Excellency's way and shook my head but with no surprises. Don't be surprise my people, this is just the beginning. Many political alignments are going on. They started this alignment since January ending. More people who have not spoken up yet will still speak very soon in an attempt to deceive our people just to undermine IPOB. These are the people that if they had told you 6-7 months ago will change like chameleon to take this position, you wouldn't have believed it. They have contacted some of us to join them since January 2018, but we rejected their offers and told them to die with their offers and that IT IS BIAFRA OR BIAFRA.

But where were all these self appointed advisers and political jobbers that are advising IPOB up and down on Facebook, these years our people were suffering and gnashing their teeth in pains and agony before Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB came to the rescue?

Also, after Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB raised high the tempo of Biafraexit last year, from no where these same people started singing "Restructuring" day and night. About 7-8 months ago, everywhere you turn to it was singers of "Restructuring" shouting on top of their voices; not because they are interested and serious but just for them to stop IPOB and to go against IPOB stand of total exit from Nigeria. That very call for "Restructuring" has monumentally and woefully seized and failed.
Now, they have composed a new song which is that Biafrans must "vote" just to still go against IPOB. This one too has failed and died a natural or forceful death before its arrival.

I love all the grammars and explanations I read on those their posts. They were beautiful oo, but what has it achieved for us? over 50years of constant sufferings, marginalisation? No infrastructures, no seaport, no airports, no functional refinery, no water, no light, no jobs etc that has been hitting our people badly before Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB came on board to chart a new course and way forward to a better nation for our people. These new things you said you saw now, why haven't you seen them since these past years our people were suffering? The devil is a liar. We cannot be deceived again. Our people have been deceived for too long. NO MORE. We Biafrans cannot miss this opportunity God has given us in Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB because if we miss it this time it shall be life time slavery and bondage in Nigeria. Tufiakwa! I forbid it.

As they are campaigning night and day, you will think their Oga and Madam has any good thing to offer our people. Nothing!
Now, that they are ceaselessly and vigorously campaigning for voting, who are we/they going to vote for? Ask them what has happened and what has changed between 2015 and today? Did you people just wake up and think that everything have changed because IPOB said boycott Nigeria's elections?

Biafrans, we must NOT follow these people to that destructive part of maintaining status quo. That part and that road they are telling you to follow leads to endless slavery and servitude. Reject it now!

Mazi Nnamdi KANU where are you?  Why did they take you away now? They did that because they know they can make our people change overnight. But we must remain unchanged, unshaken and unwavering.

Consistency wins the race. Why do you say the first boycott was not effective despite its successes?. Perhaps, you thought so because it did not stop the corrupt Nigerian system from manipulating the result as they usually do even when you voted. Who told you they were not rattled and threatened by that boycott? Who told you it didn't make impact? If it didn't make impact, why are they going about recruiting our people to stand against IPOB election boycott? That Anambra election boycott made serious impact. If you doubt it, go and ask Willie Obiano why he's quiet like a grave yard.

IPOB must remain consistent on the path and programs she has chosen, despite all these diverse and discouraging personal opinions and views driven by unstable and wavering emotions powered by greed.

I'm happy that Charles Ogbu and others I read their posts yesterday on this issue said their posts were purely personal opinions just like any other person's opinions. Those things you read yesterday and will still read after now from any other fellows on PVC and voting are NOT IPOB's OPINION. Therefore, it does not stand and not an issue for consideration until IPOB says so. And if IPOB says so, we will equally tell you. For now, disregard those dissenting voices and remain resolute.

We must continue to follow Mazi Nnamdi KANU, IPOB and not any other person. Any other person is a hired servant. To us, any opinion and advice contrary to Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB's order is against our collective good and Biafran interest and we stand to reject them at all times.

IPOB is the only one who cannot change at the middle of the road!

IPOB is the only one that cannot be bribed by anyone or any government in the world!

IPOB is the only one who has the interest of all Biafrans at heart.

IPOB is the only one who has the clear road map on how to take Biafrans out of Nigeria and get us Biafra and not any Biafran politician or supporters of politicians.

As I end this piece, read a comment of madam Ij Onuigbo on Charles Ogbu's post:

"Charles I am just worried that when our people start voting, things will go back to status quo".

MC Holyman comment on the same post:

"The fulani strategy is yielding fruits faster than they could believe.
Strike the head and the sheep will scatter.
Nnamdi KANU is out of the way and his greatest allies now spit on his ideals.
Money buys a lot of things" end of quote!

Victory is surely ours.

Biafra restoration is a done deal. it doesn't matter what contrary view anybody has or thinks about it. It is Biafra or Biafra. They came late. Their mistake is waiting until we know that Biafra is real. Since we have known, no going back.

Support The Republic of Biafra Referendum!

#Boycott #Boycott #Boycott #BiycottNigeriasElectiobs

By Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
For Family Writers Press

Comrade Shehu Sani, the senator representing Kaduna Central, has said that the much acclaimed integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari is not enough as a leadership virtue for tackling the various challenges confronting Nigeria.
The senator, who was speaking at the 80th posthumous birthday event of legal luminary and activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi on Sunday, said though president is a man of integrity, one man integrity cannot salvage Nigeria from corruption.
He said: “You cannot lead a country because of the integrity of one person. The integrity of one person is not enough to sustain a nation. You need a chariot that is driven by set of principles, set of revolutionary ideas.
“We have a president who is a man of integrity, but integrity is not enough for leadership. Leadership requires all other virtues and qualities.
The lawmaker urged Nigerians never to vote for people based on politicalaffiliation but to look out for individuals with qualities that would best serve the progress of Nigeria. He added that Nigeria is not yet at the promised land as those who have misled the country are yet again presenting themselves to the people.
“Our country is sick, the republic is dying. Our people are dying. Violence, bloodshed, killing, mass murder is becoming an emblem of our democracy today.
“It is unfortunate that the Moses of freedom, those who made sacrifices to freeour country from military colonialism have taken back seat.
“We are out of PDP misrule but we will be deceiving ourselves to say we are in the promised land. We are not in the promised land. We must stand firm in the defense of democracy. The politically stealing elites are not yet prepared. Nigeria’s political reality is about personal interest.
“Those who destroyed our country in the past are very much present as born agains,” Sani said.

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

As the whole world is passing through serious internal crisis in many countries of the world, Syria inclusive where the United States of America has just completed a response to Assad's regime use of chemical weapons against the rebels, Donald Trump could arrest similar situation on time in West Africa because stitch on saves nine. The situation in West Africa which may snowball into full crisis such as the situation in Syria is the peaceful struggle for the restoration of Biafra championed by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It could be recalled by President Donald Trump of America that IPOB has done everything within the ambit of both local and international laws in their quest for Biafra restoration which Nigerian government has defiantly chosen undemocratic process to always responded to and as a result has killed many Biafran agitators through brutal military crackdown on peaceful agitators. The worst atrocity committed by Nigerian soldiers against the indigenous people of Biafra is using a chemical like raw acid in killing slowly the captured IPOB members inside Onitsha barrack in May 30, 2016.

On this note, the Indigenous people of Biafra worldwide under the unshakable command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is expecting that Donald Trump compels Nigerian government to accept Biafra referendum or should outrightly carve out Biafra territories out of Nigeria. It will not be in the interest of America to waste time on the issue of Biafra agitation until it gets worse like Syrian crisis where American government has gone to and wasted a little resources in destroying the chemical weapons. Donald Trump does not need to waste energy much on Nigerian/Biafran question but to simply compel Nigeria to obey the international laws on self-determination by conducting Biafra referendum for peace to reign.

Come April 30, 2018, Donald Trump could be few days away from making history and writing his name on gold should he boldly tell Gen Muhammadu Buhari to let Biafra go in peace when they will be meeting in White House on that date. It could be recalled that recently White House announced an invitation extended to the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari by the ebullient President of America, Mr Donald Trump. The eyes of the world is presently on Donald Trump to make history in West Africa by compelling Nigeria government to organize referendum for Biafra so that peace will reign once again in the world. IPOB members have protested for the world to know that they want Biafra restoration in many countries and cities of the world including Washington DC and New York City.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is aware that Donald Trump is not a crisis merchant as many international bodies do and thereby is optimistic that Biafra agitation is the sole agenda of the meeting between Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari. Any other issue raised during the meeting is going to be a miscellaneous items. The people of Biafra worldwide will place the name of Donald Trump at where they placed the name of Bruce Mayrock who died for the people of Biafra in 1969 in the protest before United Nations building in New York City. May the soul of Bruce Mayrock rest in peace. Amen!

April 30, 2018 is going to be historical in list of achievements of President Donald Trump as he begins to process of getting Biafra restored for the sake of protection of human right and enthronement of peace in Africa and beyond. It is obvious that President Buhari will tell Donald Trump all cock and bull stories as why Nigeria must remain one country but Donald Trump must stand vehemently behind the people of Biafra worldwide over their demand for political emancipation from the tyrant of Nigeria and their collaborators in Biafra Land called South East governors. I rest my case.

The 12 A29 Super Tucano aircraft ordered by Nigeria from the United States to fight insurgency are not due to arrive until 2020, a senior United States administration official disclosed at the weekend.

Speaking ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the White House next Monday, the official said the high regard the Donald Trump administration accords Nigeria is underscored by the fact that Buhari would be the first African leader to be received in the Trump White House.

The US administration official who spoke to journalists on the basis of strict anonymity nevertheless affirmed that issues arising from past agreements between the two countries would be on the cards at the US – Nigeria summit, including the open declaration of assets.

The administration official also spoke on the United States’ commitment to free and fair elections in 2019, teasingly asserted that the country’s candidate for the presidential election would be Mr. Democratic Process. The official also said Washington would encourage open and frank negotiations between the Federal Government and the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB.

Affirming that all issues involving the sale of the Super A29 Tucano aircraft have been cleared including receipt of an estimated $593 million from Nigeria, the official, however, said the aircraft were being built in Florida and would take at least two years to manufacture.

“The planes have not been fully built, and we are looking at delivery at or about 2020 as you don’t just pick them up because they have to be manufactured according to specifications.”

The A29 Super Tucano is a light attack aircraft intended for counter-insurgency, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments.

The estimated $539 million Nigeria paid for the aircraft the official disclosed included the cost of training for pilots, engineers, and spare parts.

The official observed that President Buhari’s visit to the White House was reflective of the premium the U.S gives to Nigeria noting that the Nigerian leader is the first African leader to be received by President Trump in the White House.
He said the warmth in relations was reflective in last week’s summit of African land forces co-hosted by the U.S. and Nigeria armies.

The US administration official restated the superpower’s commitment to the tenets of the U.S. – Nigeria Bi-national Commission, one of which is the open declaration of assets by elected officials and their subordinates.
“Sometimes it is difficult to implement (declaration of assets), but we will encourage that it should be followed through,” the official who briefed selected journalists said.

Given the declaration of the Boko Haram as a terrorist group by the United States’ States Department, the official was tasked on what approaches the US would take on issues between the Nigeria government and IPOB.
“On IPOB, we see that there is an aggrieved population that would want to have its views heard and we will encourage that there should be dialogue.

“We always encourage dialogue as we did with NDA (Niger Delta Avengers), PANDEF. We didn’t tell the vice-president to visit the Niger Delta, but we were happy that he did it and it worked, we are not colonialists but facilitators.”

The administration official, however, affirmed that issues pertaining to free and fair elections in 2019 would be seriously encouraged by the US administration and resounded in actions ahead of the polls.

“We are committed to doing more and more for Nigeria even more than we did in 2015.”
Teasing the journalists as the briefing came to a close, the official asked, “do you want to know who Washington would be supporting in 2019?”

“Our candidate is the Democratic Process!” the official said in the background briefing ahead of the historic summit between President Trump and Buhari, the first African leader in Washington D.C. next weekend


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