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The news of suspected herders attack has prompted the visit of Kabba/Bunu LGA Administrator, Hon. Moses Olorunleke to Ighun community in the early hours of yesterday.

Hon. Moses met with the leaders and representatives of both the Ighun Community and the Fulani Settlers separately in an attempt to get to the root of the current crisis. He appealed to both sides to sheathe their swords and embrace peace. He promised that the immediate and remote causes of the crisis will be found out and justice will be delivered in the matter.

He stressed the commitment of his government to ensure that adequate security would be made available to all parts of the local government to forestall a repeat such attack.

The Administrator, who described his administration as one that is committed to securing the lives and property of the local government’s citizens, promised the people of his determination to ensure that all parts of the local government are adequately protected.

While praising all the security forces that were mobilised to the area for their proactive measures in arresting the situation and curtailing it from spreading to neighboring communities, assured the people that those responsible for the dastard acts would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

Speaking on behalf of the community,Mr Cornelius Baiyemo, thanked the Administrator for his swift response to the security development, saying the action had demonstrated that he is a leader that cares for his people.
On his part, the leader of Miyetti Allah in the local government, Alh. Sheidu lauded the Administrator for his proactive leadership style, describing his visit as an example of a leader that has the interest of all and sundry at heart.

Source: Igberetv

The Minister of Transportation, Hon Chibuike Amaechi, in a surprising move yesterday took the campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term to Anambra State, urging Igbo people to vote for him (Buhari) for a second term as a way of giving him the chance to serve out the term of the North.
Amaechi, who was at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, as a lecturer to mark its 12th convocation, spoke on the topic: ‘The Igbo in the politics of Nigeria’.

The minister who started his lecture by insisting that he is an Igbo man, and should not be denied his heritage, said the problem of the Igbo in the politics of Nigeria was self-inflicted.
“We are not here for campaign; we are here for an academic exercise. If we were here for campaign, I would not be putting on this academic gown, but we must tell ourselves the truth about what Buhari has done.
“You (Igbo) did not vote for Buhari, true or false? You voted for PDP and what did they do for you? PDP abandoned the Enugu-Onitsha expressway since 1999, but Buhari is working on it, true or false?
“Buhari is working on the second Niger Bridge, he is working on the Otuocha-Ibaji-Abuja road, he is working on the Abakaliki-Onueke road, he is working on the Oji-Achi-Naku road in Enugu State, he is also working on Ozalla-Akpugo-Amagunze road. He is working on the Aba-Ikot Ekpene road.
“Under Buhari, all major cities of the South-east are captured in the existing railway project. Name one government that has done up to this within two years. Our problem is that we are just being emotional,” he said.
The minister called on the Igbo to rather focus on the solutions to their problems in politics instead of reproaches, saying part of the solution is to move into a national party after having been disappointed by sectional parties.
He described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as regional parties which do not hold hope for the Igbo.
Jokingly, Amaechi said: “Igbo should go for confession, seek forgiveness and move into a national party, and look for way to fight from inside. They should vote for Buhari for a second term, and then force him out and look for Igbo president. Let the quarrel with the North, real or imagined, stop now.”

The minister had earlier said he was himself a full blooded Igbo man, urging those who were surprised why he was selected to deliver the lecture not to deny him his Igbo origin.
“My friend, Senator Abaribe, was asking me why it should be me who will deliver a lecture on Igbo in Nigerian politics, but I urge you to be the judge. Chibuike and Abaribe, which one sounds more Igbo?
Amaechi and Abaribe, which one is more Igbo? Now you see that I am Igbo.”
The President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Dr. Nnia Nwodo, who was also a guest at the lecture, however, punctured some of Amaechi’s claims, saying Nigeria was not operating as a true federation, as pockets of marginalisation still abound against the Igbo.
According to him, “I am yet to see a federation in which the security apparatus is domiciled in one section of the country. Doing so has not also solved the security challenges of the country.
“Our country is in a state of war, with no one declaring it. I refuse to agree with you that people should join a federal movement as you said. If our constitution is not revisited for people to live and feel safe, then we are wasting our time.
“Honourable minister, I urge you to fight for us. We are the true Nigerians. Whether we voted left or right, our behavioural pattern has shown confidence in Nigeria.
“Help us talk to your people and make them understand that whatever views they held during the war, tell them that the war is over.”

Gone are the days when Native Doctors decorate themselves with white chalks and red rags; They no longer share residence with wild animals in a thick forest. They all now seem to have embraced civilisation and have tried earnestly to have their profession adapt to the metamorphosis of societal norms and evolution. They now wear the latest designer suits and shoes. They no longer do incantations, but speak in tongues. They longer toss 'nzu'(white chalk), but it doesn't stop them from calling your phone number, telling you who is bewitching your generation, or even prophesying to you how you will drive a private jet whilst you have been wearing one 'OK' shoe for almost ten years. They no longer carry 'Ófò'(staff of the gods), they now parade with the Holy Book, church diary and latest I-Pad. They no longer demand for bush meat and domestic fowls, rather they now have customised POS and tithe register.

The world is coming to a close, but Nigeria seems to be closing faster than the rest of the world. Nothing is impossible in this part of the world where violence is nurtured and revered, while peace is suffocated and repelled.
While United States Of America, United Nations And the rest of the international community are donating billions of dollars to extinguish Boko Haram, the insurgents are ironically being celebrated somewhere in northern Nigeria for staging a notorious kidnapping scene. It is now very clear that not only the 'Dibias' have left the forest, Boko Haram insurgents have now vacated the great Sambisa. They have now invaded the Government House, where they smile home with their billions of dollars allowance every four years. They only have to kidnap hundreds of girls, return them in grand style, and their contract with the political class is done and dusted. How else can you describe state sponsored terrorism?

Nobody who saw how Evans was shredded, rendered nude, and completely destroyed by this incumbent Nigeria government and their media henchmen would ever imagine that this same government would pat one of the most dreaded terrorist group in the world on the back for staging a perennial Kidnapping episode.
Of all the sophisticated intelligence of Evans, it didn't occur to him that in order to protect and preserve his business enterprise, he only needed to enrol into Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen.

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim
Idris,  has suspended by one month, the
withdrawal of  policemen attached to
VIPs across the country. 

The suspension of the order, which was
billed to be immediate, when
announced on Monday, followed Idris’
meeting with the Commanders of Police
Mobile Force (PMF), Counter Terrorism
Unit (CTU) and Special Protection Unit (SPU). IGP Idris K. Ibrahim, The meeting was held on 20 March.

a day before the earlier announcement,
Idris also had met with  state police commissioners and assistant
inspectors-general at the Force
Headquarters in Abuja. Police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood,
explained the twist in Idris’ order. “IGP Idris has graciously shifted the
enforcement/implementation of the
withdrawal of Police Officers attached
to Political and Public Office Holders,
VIPs, Public and Private Companies and
other categories of enterprises and business outfits and corporate
individuals throughout the country as
earlier directed”, said Jimoh Moshood,
the police spokesman. 

“The withdrawal will now take effect from the 20 of April, 2018. This is to enable the Force carry out a thorough
assessment of the current deployment
and carry out appropriate withdrawal. Moshood also said that the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Department
of Operations of the Force has been
mandated by the Inspector General of
Police to direct all the Commissioners of
Police and their supervising Assistant
Inspectors-General of Police in the States and Zonal Commands across the
country to halt the withdrawal, revise
and return those already withdrawn to
their duty posts pending the new date
of 20 of April, 2018. 

“ The Task Force Teams set up by the IGP at the Force Headquarters, the Force
X – Squad and others set up by the
Assistant Inspectors-General of Police
and Commissioner of Police at the Zonal
and State Commands have equally been
directed by the Inspector-General of Police to suspend the enforcement of
the withdrawal with immediate effect
pending the new date.

 “For avoidance of doubt, members of the Public, Political and Public Office
Holders, VIPs, Public and Private
Companies and other categories of
enterprises and business outfits and
corporate individuals and other entities
are to retain the Police Officers currently with them on deployment.

They may be provided after the
expiration of the period, if found
worthy from the Special Protection Unit
of the Force but should apply for re-
validation through the Commissioner of Police of the State they are domiciled
before the expiration of the new date
of 20 April, 2018. “The renewed commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to guarantee
protection of lives and property across
the country remains unequivocal and
unwavering”, Moshood said.

This is the detailed outcome of the case between Nnamdi Kanu’s co-defendants and FG on March 20, 2018, according to IPOB family writer Victor Onyido

“Nigeria has finally proven to the rest of the world without any iota of doubt that they are animal kingdom indeed, and you can imagine the childish display witnessed by all today in their kangaroo court proceedings.

Firstly, the Nigeria prosecution counsel, Labaran Shaibu, brought up another childish and laughable hypocritical assertion and a printed statement he forged.

While claiming he got it from the social media, stating that there was a security breach pointing out that our able comrade Mazi Chinasa Nworu dropped a threat statement on behalf of IPOB targeting the lives of the Department of State Security, DSS informant in kuje prison and another affiliate (of course only a dummy is expected to believe such a dumb assertion).

But while our lawyers were trying to raise objections towards that end, making it clear that this could be a made up trash and delay tactics because anybody can write or post any nonsense and claim it’s Chinasa Nworu’s doing. As you all know that everything is possible with the Internet.

But Justice Binta Nyako who has been biased all along from the beginning of the court procession, even from her body language, she seemed not to be concerned by all the flaws and lies Labaran Shaibu, Nigeria’s head of prosecution, deceptive moves to truncate the impending success.

At this point, she warned every spectator or family members of the defendants and IPOB members, in general, to desist from taking pictures of the defendants during court proceedings or she will be forced to ban all press or media activities in her court proceedings (because, according to her, they (IPOB) are causing her undue heartache with their social media activities)
but our die-hard lawyers stood their ground, maintained that such online printed documents by Labaran Shaibu are a nonsubstantial and equally a big distraction from the main focus of the day.

Ifeanyi continued, stating that anybody could have written such a thing and claimed it’s from IPOB leadership, even Labaran could have possibly done it himself just to buy more time as usual and all is a delay tactic and a serious ploy to distract the court from focusing on the issues on the ground.

The legal counsel, representing our brother, Comrade Bright Chimezie, in the person of Barrister Iwuchiukwu, made an observation, pointed out that the DSS deliberately filed a motion lately and submitted to him by 9:30 A.M, less than one hour to the commencement of the court proceedings (which violates a section of the court order, allowing the maximum space of one month notification or a minimum of 7days notice and submission of such motion)

But instead, the DSS to simply obey the court order, they have chosen to do it according to their own way (as usual) which is disobedience to court orders.

Barrister Iwuchiukwu also pointed out that his client, Mazi Bright Chimezie has been granted unconditional bail and awarded the sum of five million naira (as compensation) by Uyo federal high court of competent jurisdiction, but the DSS (who takes pleasures in disobeying court order) has up until this very moment refused to grant him bail or pay the money rather, they resorted to indulge in unscrupulous amendment of charges or probably filling a fresh one (all of these are just delay tactics to deny our brother his inalienable right to freedom).

But at this point, Justice Binta Nyako as usual turned a blind eye to the evil perpetrated by the DSS claimed that our lawyers are the ones wasting her time (when it is obvious that reverse is the case all of this was playing out like a planed circus).

The plea of our illegally accused brethren was taken one after the other and they all pleaded not guilty,

Another special spotlight was our beloved comrade, Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu, who was visibly angry with the kangaroo court procession and false accusations levelled on him that he is in possession of unregistered firearms/ammunition. He couldn’t help but to raise his voice in anger to satisfy his conscious mind (trying to explain to the hearing of everybody) that “his pump action was fully registered and it was for game purposes”. But Justice Binta Nyako (in her usual biased body language) asked him not to go further with his explanations (shouting him down).

(I know she must have been battling the guilty conscience that is clearly written all over her face because she knew that the young man is innocent of what he was accused of but she couldn’t admit it).

She gave one hour for the legal counsels to have a one on one discussions with their various clients before finally exiting the court building.

Many other dramas equally happened outside the courtroom from the upstairs to the downstairs and even outside the court gates which unequivocally established the fact that Nigeria is a zoo and the zoo is Nigeria.

Further Adjournment
The case was adjourned till Tuesday, for another possible drama and shameless proceedings.
Also, Comrade Bright Chimezie will be transferred from the DSS dungeon to kuje prisons later this evening.”

Source: goviral

The former minister on Wednesday said President Muhammadu Buhari is allegedly the owner of Boko Haram, adding that the release of Dapchi girls is a scam.
This is coming at a time when different reactions have trailed the return of Dapchi schoolgirls abducted by the insurgents group.
Fani-Kayode further expressed disappointment at how the schoolgirls were used as pawns in Buhari’s “trade of terror and blood.”
In a series of tweet alongside a picture of Dapchi residents waving at Boko Haram vehicles, Fani-Kayode wrote “Dapchi residents waving at Boko Haram as they dropped off the “missing” girls.
“This is the biggest scam and money-making venture in the history of Nigeria and these poor girls are just pawns in it.
“Buhari is the owner of Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen. He trades in blood and terror.”


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